7 things I’m grateful for (Chefchaouen edition)

7 things I’m grateful for (Chefchaouen edition)

Having the money and means to travel thousands of miles comfortably is an extraordinary luxury, so it’s only natural that I pull out my journal on this trip to Chefchaouen to write a short list of the things I am grateful for – a self-care/gratitude exercise I should be practising more of.


  1. The warmth of the sun
  2. The attentiveness of my husband
  3. The kindness of the people of Morocco
  4. Nature/God’s creation, specifically the mountains, foliage and singing birds praising the Most High
  5. Beautiful clothing as a means of covering and self-expression
  6. The wealth of natural wellness products
  7. The lamb and prunes tagine – I never would have imagined this combo would be so delicious





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