A good rising routine

A good rising routine

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Since getting married almost a year ago I still have not been able to secure my morning routine *crying*. I love and thoroughly miss waking up early and sleeping early. I miss the routine I had pre-marriage: prayers, Qur’an recitation, fresh homemade coffee, gym, shower, dress, smoothie and off to work.

Post-marriage: prayers, back to bed, hit snooze a thousand times, crawl out of bed on all fours, buy coffee and journey to work.

It is not conducive to a productive day and definitely not self-caring. It takes between 21 to 30 days, commitment and willpower to form a habit and so here are some realistic goals / habits for a good rising:

  1. Once up, stay up – start the day early, avoid rushing and sleep earlier
  2. Pray tahajjud as well as fajr
  3. Read Qur’an – even if it is just a single ayah
  4. Drink lots of water and a smoothie – thrive on the body’s natural energy
  5. Consistent workouts
  6. Quick showers – save on time, water and the bills!
  7. Read – I find my mood tends to be better when I read a few pages of a novel in the morning
  8.  Bullet journaling / gratitude journaling Рproductivity and feelings of achievement and progress are definitely feel-good consequences of a journal / bullet journal

NB: consistency and dua for ease are key to positive results.

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