Peace and blessings,

Welcome to Tayyib Wellness 

My name is Ashiya – pronounced ‘a-shee-ya. I am a holistic health conscious Muslim woman, in a pursuit to seek God and explore self-love. Tayyib Wellness is a space for me to express the limitless ways to live a wholesome, spiritual and tayyib lifestyle.

I am currently studying naturopathic nutritional therapy. Everything I explore and share – nutritional tips, recipes, self-care and lifestyle practices – are lessons and reminders for myself, first and foremost.

I have always had an avid interest in health and wellness, especially as I’ve struggled with skin issues from a young age and realised topical solutions were a temporary fixture. I wanted to heal from within. 

I have come to appreciate the prophetic model for nutrition and wellness, which I believe is one of the most natural and beneficial ways to reach balance, contentment and restoration. By studying nutritional therapy, not only am I learning about the abundance of healing that food has to offer, I am also unlearning and relearning ideas and language around what it means to have a healthful and holistic life and mindset.

With the recognition that each and every individual is biochemically unique, nutritional therapy and naturopathic practices are utilised to bring the body back to mizan (balance) – with the right support and tools, the body has an innate ability to self-heal and prosper, with the permission of Allah, the Nourisher, the Maintainer, Al-Muqit.

Tayyib, an Arabic word, is synonymous with good, pleasant and lawful.