Peace be upon you.

I am not and I don’t claim to be a staunch vegan or vegetarian (at least I hope!), yet I still have to endure belittling and mocking comments for attempting to cut meat and dairy foods from my diet. I’m sure the comments are all in good fun however after several months of having to (fake) laugh along with the ‘jokes’ which have always had condescending undertones, it does become tedious.

I have a song for my niece where I name her different types of fruits, i.e. ‘my little banana, my little avocado, my little raspberry…’ I have sung this to her a number of times. One evening after dinner (where I ate the veg option), I went into another to room to pray the night salah and a dear family member comes into the hallway, carrying my niece and starts singing, quite audibly, MY song but replacing the fruits with ‘chicken wing’ and ‘chicken nugget’ and ‘sausage’. Savage, I know. I was so incredibly infuriated that whilst *in prayer*, this person is calling my baby niece food forms of meat knowing it would aggravate me and potentially distract me (which it of course did).

Sadly I have had to endure many such situations and it is upsetting. I think to myself, if only y’all knew how horrifying the meat and dairy industry really is. So rather than thinking, hoping and praying that people will get over my nutritional choices or that they will seek to learn and understand the ubiquitous reasons for trying to adopt a vegan and/or vegetarian diet, I have decided to put the information out there piecemeal, God willing. That is not to say the information does not already exist on the World Wide Web – of course it does. I am just looking to dispense the information from a particular angle and there will be many lessons in it for myself too, God willing (my writing is based on A LOT of research and not just a string of thoughts). In addition, I am not looking to convert people to turning to veganism/vegetarianism; I am just tired of hearing ‘bun vegans’ and the disapproving comments and rather show how it is actually something Muslims should look into, at the very least. If you don’t want to, each to their own but don’t mock when you really don’t know anything about it.

NB: I am not a perfect vegan/vegetarian. Most vegans tend to be the ‘go hard or go home’ types but hey, as long as the positive intention remains 🙂

To the very few who have been supportive of my journey, alhamdulilah, thank you and I pray Allah swt blesses you with greatness!

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