January Book Club

January Book Club

Join me for the first Tayyib Wellness book club, created to connect with my followers better (face to face, rather than via DMs), cultivate a Tayyib Wellness community and to just TALK about everything health and wellness related.

WHEN: Friday, 22 January 2021
WHERE: Skype – the link will be sent out on the Tayyib Wellness newsletter 1-2 days before the book club date

This is a women’s book club only. The session will be around 45 minutes long. As this is the first time I’m doing this, I’m not sure what to expect! The length really depends on how many people have read the book and can contribute to the discussion. But please note that you do not have to read the book to attend! You can research around the author and/or book with the links provided, or just simply join in to listen. So, with regards to length of time, let’s play it by ear for this round 🙂

The book we will be discussing is called Clean by James Hamblin.

About the author: James Hamblin is a board-certified physician specializing in public health and preventive medicine. He is a staff writer at The Atlantic, author, and lecturer in public health policy at Yale University.

About the book: Our skin plays an essential role in our health. But our understanding of what skin is and how it works is changing. Much of what we think of as cleanliness and skincare might actually be harming it. Dr James Hamblin draws on the latest science to offer an exciting new perspective: on our bodies, our health and our relationship with the natural world.

Clean can be purchased from Amazon, Blackwell’s or Waterstones. I do not have a PDF copy of this book, nor will I be sharing PDFs for future book club dates as I believe this is unfair and unethical to the author. I understand books are a luxury for many, so if you are unable to purchase the book, here are a few podcasts and articles with James Hamblin about Clean:
A New Definition of ‘Clean’
Social Distance (James Hamblin’s own podcast)
The Impact Of Not Showering For 5 Years
Skincare Science and Pseudoscience
In The Era Of Hygiene, ‘Clean’ Author Makes The Case For Showering Less
6 things science is revealing about your skin and hygiene
Showering Too Much May Be Wrecking our Skin Microbiome

Hope to see you there inshaAllah!

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