1. Strengthening full body yoga flow

Yoga is my go-to exercise because it makes me feel strong in my body based on how I move and flow through the poses, as opposed to working out to mould my body into some sort of ‘ideal’. I have spoken a lot about body image issues, and I am still working through them, and yoga has made part of the self-healing journey enjoyable. I’ve been doing THIS FLOW lately and it is tough but in the best kind of way!

2. Healthy rice crispy treats

Who loved the original Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Squares?! I looooved them and while I haven’t had one in around 10 years, I was stoked to discover this healthy rice crispy treats recipe (linked below). A perfect recipe for children to get involved in too! Biona do the creamiest cashew nut butter FYI.


3. Food-based vitamin C supplement

I don’t tend to recommend supplements simply because everyone’s requirements are so different and it is always best to take supplements under the guidance of a qualified nutritional therapist, however this vitamin C supplement is an exception because it is whole foods based. Pure Synergy vitamin C capsules use exotic fruits that are naturally high in vitamin C. We must aim to consume foods high in vitamin C for optimal absorption (such as bell peppers, oranges and broccoli) for a strong immune system and for it’s outstanding antioxidant capabilities.

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