Tayyib Wellness ~ a zine


Tayyib Wellness ~ a zine is an a5 booklet designed to making wellness easy 🍐🍉🍆🥑🥥🥦🍋🥒🌶
Handwritten and illustrated by yours truly, this zine includes reminders on intuitive wellness (how health comes from within YOURSELF), a grocery shopping guide, what an ideal naturopathic plate looks like, a couple of recipes and thoughts on movement and skincare. This zine is printed on recycled paper. For international delivery and PDF version, please email

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Tayyib Wellness ~ a zine.
An a5 booklet printed on recycled paper.

Disclaimer: The information in this zine does not constitute as medical advice. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider for advice regarding any medical condition. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or treat medical conditions based on the information.