Unfortunately some veg/ans are just too complacent because they don’t eat meat… too complacent for me to tolerate. I hope I didn’t do that when I stopped eating meat – if I did, I am sincerely sorry. 

If you choose not to consume meat, that is perfectly fine but there really is no need to make faces, squirm and have expressions of disgust because other people eat meat/fish. This is not the sunnah of the beloved prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ, who excuded good comportment in everything he did, even eating, especially eating. This is sadly one of the many reasons I have stopped calling myself a veg/an. 

Perhaps what I feel is a darker side of the veg/an community is what’s most disconcerting. I’ve heard people call eggs ‘chicken periods’ and prawns ‘cockroaches of the ocean’ – subhanAllah! These are Allah’s creations which Our Lord has allowed us to consume. Muslim or not, is that kind of language really necessary? No. 

Alhamdulilah, the Islamic tradition has regulations on pride and sanctimony – as Muslims we are held accountable for our speech and in the way we carry ourselves. One of the ways the Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ has defined arrogance is to look down on people and I see this way too much in the veg/an community. 

Our desire for the best for humankind and animalkind should render humility, softness of speech and patience in our hearts. By the will of God, our truths come from a place of sincerity and thus our words and actions will not be overlooked. 

(Yes the image is unrelated but I love dates and the Prophet saw loved dates so I though why not! I really miss the Sukkari dates from Medina *sigh*)

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