Silq Rose Hijab – Review

Silq Rose Hijab – Review

Before getting into the nitty gritty, a little background into the kind of person I am is useful for this sort of review…

I am a low maintenance gal, especially when it comes to fashion – I don’t tend to follow any specific trends and I prioritise comfort, ease and practicality. Sure, there are many occasions I wear heels and slap on some makeup, but generally I opt for whatever takes the least amount of effort.

This is important when it comes to wearing the hijab – which I do at least 4 days a week for at least 10 hours! I don’t wear any pins; I just tuck the fabric in here and there and I stick to one or two colours that ‘go’ with most of what I wear and match my skin tone. Now with this background, I will begin with the pros, then the cons and end with my conclusive thoughts.



  • The brand’s mission is utterly inspiring, and I love supporting brands whose vision I believe in. They use ‘natural, biodegradable fabrics, innovative fibres and smart textiles, fusing traditional and sustainable techniques to ethically produce hijabs for incredible women; hijabs with a focus on purity, high wearing comfort and breathability; kinder to your body, biomes, Earth and its inhabitants.’
  • Because of their philosophy, the hijabs are reasonably priced. I was considering putting the pricing in the cons list as a few people expressed their uncertainty in whether the hijabs are ‘worth it’, but knowing the fabrics are toxin and chemical free, and that one of their principles is sustainability and to move away from fast fashion, it encourages customers to invest in fewer pieces and they will last much, much longer than cheaper hijabs that use lower quality fabrics, that pill after one wash!
  • The fabrics feel beautiful!! This is important for anyone wearing a hijab for many hours per day – it needs to feel soft, snug and one needs to be able to easily move their head J I bought a cotton hijab for myself and a jersey hijab for my sister and they are both comfortable to wear and sits neatly on the head. It does require straightening up every now and then, but I feel all hijabs do.
  • The hijabs are ‘breathable’ – crucial for anyone wearing hijab for long periods of time and especially if you have scalp issues as I do. Whilst addressing any skin/scalp issues through nutrition is my number 1 priority, a trichologist did recommend I switch to breathable fabrics.


  • Both my sister and I didn’t feel the colours were ‘true’. I got the colour chestnut but felt it is closer to lilac, whereas I was expecting a soft brown. My sister got the classic black jersey hijab which looked okay initially, but as she wears a niqab, the hijab actually looked grey against the niqab. Suffice to say, we were both a little disappointed. For me, this is very frustrating because I have a yellow undertone and many, many hijab colours (and lipsticks) actually make me look ‘washed-out’, i.e. like a zombie haha! Especially because I have quite prominent dark circles around my eyes, and I don’t like wearing concealer every day. Not very fun for me. If you don’t have this issue, then perhaps this might not be a big deal.
  • The cotton hijab gets crinkly verrrryyyy quickly. As a low maintenance gal, I iron my clothes maybe a couple of times a year! Thankfully most of my clothes don’t require ironing – I must have purchased clothes like that subconsciously. Anyway, I do feel the need the iron the hijab almost every time I wear it which even thinking about feels exhausting.

Ultimately, I would recommend trying a Silq Rose hijab with a fabric you are already comfortable and familiar with. I would personally never buy chiffon hijab for example, it is way too fiddly and requires a ton of maintenance. I think the pros outweigh the cons, and the cons are a small price to pay for long-term sustainability and scalp care. Our individual requirements and specificities are all different, and the best way to know if it works for you is to try one out for yourself! Worst case scenario, you can always return it (as my sister did!!) J Happy sustainable shopping!!1

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