Sweet potato o’ mine

Sweet potato o’ mine

For years I avoided buying, cooking, eating and ordering sweet potatoes after having it served as fried sweet potato chips once upon a time by my mother as an after-school snack. I resented sweet potatoes thoroughly for its treacly taste and stringy texture. Who are you sweet potato? And why are you trying to replace the MVP? She never made sweet potatoes, in any form, ever again. Now I feel awful, for my mother was just trying to be adventurous in the kitchen, and here I am, about 12 years later, buying a bag of sweet potatoes every few weeks. I learned about sweet potatoes’ mind-blowing nutritional benefits on a tv show on Channel 4 and thought I’d give it another try. BAKED sweet potato is THE ONE. My husband is hooked too. We even had it for breakfast once, drizzled with a lemon tahini dressing – SO GOOD!

We initially started off with the ready made, seasoned frozen sweet potato chips, which by the way are so delicious, and then I realised it would be much more cost efficient to just prepare them myself . A mere £1.20 for 1kg of sweet potatoes that lasts for at least 3 weeks, AND incredibly nutrient dense, that’s a bargain!

Sweet potatoes are certainly a superfood namely due to it’s bright orange colour. They are full of beta carotene, which our body turns into vitamin A. They contain almost twice as much vitamin C in comparison to one portion of white potatoes, and 2000 times as much vitamin A.

I did more research and found that sweet potatoes also detoxifies the body, increases milk production in breastfeeding women, helps to lower stress, removes excess sodium, curbs sugar cravings and regulates fluid balance in the body. There is still so much to learn about this superfood. Indeed, Allah has given us an abundance of naturally healing foods, alhamdulilah.

Recipe for baked sweet potatoes with lemon tahini dressing for two:

  • Turn oven onto gas mark 7 (or 220 degrees C)
  • Wash and chop two sweet potatoes in half and prick the inside
  • Place on a baking sheet and lightly spray the potatoes with some olive oil
  • Leave to cook in the oven for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Blend a 1/4 cup of tahini, half of the juice of a fresh lemon, a few tablespoons of water, 3 cloves of garlic, and salt and pepper to taste
  • Once potatoes are cooked, drizzle it generously with the dressing and degust the bad boys

Organic Olivia and Medical Medium are two of my most trusted resources for almost everything on healing foods and nature’s remedies. See here for more information on the healing powers of sweet potatoes:

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