The wonders of lemon essential oil

The wonders of lemon essential oil


I am deeply awed by the wonders of essential oils. They relate to the human body in different modes: physiologically, whereby the essential oil affects the system of the body and the physical changes that can be brought about, and psychologically, wherein the essence is inhaled and an immediate emotional and intuitive response is evoked. I find that I am often drawn to a specific essential oil which I’ll then use in a bath, in an aroma diffuser or use topically (with caution), and then after some time, I’m no longer attracted to it. I will eventually go back to it when my sense of smell calls for it again. Right now it is the uplifting and fruity lemon essential oil that has summoned my attention.

Although the exact origin of the lemon remains unknown, they are thought to be native to Asia, more specifically east or northern India. There are about 47 varieties of lemon and they are closely related to the lime, citron and bergamot. Extraction of the essential oil is conducting by cold expression from the outer part of the fresh peel.


With it’s citrus-y aroma, lemons are antimicrobial (active against microorganisms), antiseptic (prevents growth of disease-causing microorganisms), bactericidal (kills bacteria) and astringent (shrinks body tissue for protection).

Two of my personal favourite ways to use lemon essential oil are to treat breakouts and as a bath/body oil. Putting a drop of lemon essential oil on a spot/breakout quite literally shrinks the blemish overnight. Lemon essential oil can cause dermal irritation or sensitised reactions so I recommend diluting it in a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil first before trying neat application. It is also phototoxic which means it can cause skin pigmentation if exposed to direct sunlight, so always try this before bedtime and wash off with tepid water in the morning.

A bath/body oil infused with an essential oil should be a bathroom staple! It can be poured in the bath, or massaged into the skin before or after a shower for optimum skin hydration and suppleness. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, positively affecting the body’s circulation and enabling relaxation of muscles and joints. Lemon essential oil is rubefacient, meaning it has a warming effect by dilation of capillaries and increasing blood circulation. To make a lemon bath/body oil, add 15 drops of a good quality lemon essential oil into a jar, followed by a cup of sweet almond oil and stir thoroughly until the two ingredients have combined. Sweet almond oil doesn’t tend to have much of a scent so it makes the perfect base for a body oil.

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