Veganism is bid’a

Veganism is bid’a


One of the immediate reactions I received after announcing I am looking to adopt a veg/an lifestyle was the question of meat consumption and religious practice/practice of the Sunnah (tachings, actions, sayings condoned by the Prophet pbuh and his companions pbut). I don’t believe by *preferring* to eat less meat means I am potentially “making meat haram for myself”, nor do I feel it is ‘unIslamic’. It boils down to intention and learning about the meat industry.


The biggest influence for eating less meat was watching a documentary, which I thoroughly recommend (if you’re open-minded enough), called Cowspiracy. The filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn inspiringly and creatively explored the effects of meat consumption on global warming – more to be discussed later. It was so hard-hitting that I just felt uneasy about eating meat in the same way again. Thus my intention isn’t a transgression of forbidding myself from what Allah has permitted in order to gain closeness to Him, rather the modern meat industry and meat consumption TODAY does greater harm than good in many, many ways and I am beginning to question whether current animal farming practices (so, for emphasis, before slaughtering) deem the meat inedible due to the practices being extraordinarily unethical.

Furthermore it is not compulsory for one to eat meat. As long as what one eats is halal AND TAYYIB then they are free to eat whatever they wish.

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